isodes (īˑ·sōdz),

n in contemporary homeopathy, highly diluted and successed preparations of organic or synthetic substances that are thought to be the cause of disorder or disease. Given as a remedy based on the principle, “the cause is the cure.” Also called
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The treatment is homeopathic, involving a proper combination of isodes, or energetic copies of toxic substances and infectious agents, as well as sarcodes, or energetic copies of the internal organs.
sion w isodes In 2009, Jay-Z signed her and she made a cameo on the rapper's video for Young Forever and Drake's video for Over.
I the am epi mix old qui sex " to t it's act was It's basically a love affair between e characters Tony and Bren and it malgamates about six of the 16 TV isodes into one.
Bacteremia ei isodes at individual hospitals * Hospital A B C Classification ([dagger]) a a a Beds 723 587 551 Years studied 4 ([double 4 ([double 3 ([section]) dagger]) dagger]) Admissions over 256,251 203,130 150,502 study period Admissions >24 h 66,035 76,147 49,501 over study period Mean length of stay 3.
545 she points out that Malory, against the grain of his source, allows Isode and Brangwain a `fellowship' much like that between two good knights, and on p.