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The radical -NC; organic isocyanides are called isonitriles.
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Three component Ugi reaction is one of the most studied and famous MCRs, which consists of condensation of an amine, an aldehyde and an isocyanide to form an aminoamide derivative [13].
Recently we reported DFT studies on the diastereoselectivity of four-component Ugi reaction in which, diastereoselectivity of the reaction was under kinetic and thermodynamic controls of nucleophilic attack of isocyanide to less hindered re-face of chiral (E)-iminium ion [15].
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(26) They succeeded in the separation of the polymer into (+) and (-) fractions by column chromatography using an optically active poly((S)-sec-butyl isocyanide) as a CSP, and in 1988, they reported the asymmetric synthesis of a one-handed helical polymer using a chiral catalyst.
Perhaps the best-studied ecological role for marine isocyanides is the inhibition of biofouling.
In 1958 Ugi and his co-workers introduced various methods to form isocyanides by dehydrating formylamines, and from then on the isocyanides were well available.
Mao's group recently reported the manganese catalyzed coupling and cyclization of vinyl isocyanides 33 and assorted arylhydrazines 34 en route to three new examples of 7-fluoroisoqinoline 35a, the 1-(4-fluorophenyl)-isoquinoline 35b, and the 1-(4-trifluoromethylphenyl)-isoquinoline 35c in good overall yields [35].
(1997) Reaction of a sterically hindered silylene with isocyanides: The first stable silylene-Lewis base complexes.
Isocyanide chemistry; applications in synthesis and material science.