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A line in a geographic region that joins all points at which in a population there is the same average frequency for the various alleles at a genetic locus.
See also: cline.
[iso- + G. klinō, to slope]
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Con fines de delimitar las zonas canterables para la apertura de nuevos frentes dolomiticos, se requiere llevar a cabo un extenso plan de prospeccion regional en los cerro Pando sectores I-II- III, cerro Paja, cerros Hacha y Las Delicias I, cerro Ganges y de los afloramientos en el flanco Norte del pliegue isoclinal, empleando el metodo aeromagnetico y sismica de refraccion, ademas de geoquimica de suelos para determinar contactos geologicos, espesores de la cobertura de suelo residual, el grado de meteorizacion de los afloramientos rocosos y nivel de roca fresca.
In Santa Elena, large blocks from Sitio Santa Rosa display thick isoclinal successions which are unknown in Nicoya, i.e.
In the southern part of the basin, the first phase of deformation ([D.sub.1]) formed open to isoclinal [F.sub.1] folds and an axial planar fabric ([S.sub.1]).
The boudin layer, broken up under severe tectonic stress and plastic deformation, became lodged in tight isoclinal Z-shaped folds.
Evidence for at least locally intense deformation (tight to isoclinal folds) was observed in siltstone and shale of the Goose Harbour Lake and Lincolnville members.
The thickness of individual units or "beds" is quite variable and progressive changes in unit thickness within the mine suggest the presence of one or more isoclinal folds.
Ore controlling zones of plicative-rupture dislocations comprise systems of enechelon, narrow (2-4 km) isoclinal and fan-like anticlines.
Southwest of Fogo Island, isoclinal, steeply dipping, northeast-trending, northwest-verging structures dominate the outcrop pattern within this slice, but on Fogo Island these folds are open, with limb dips rarely exceeding 40[degrees].
The structure of the 132 North deposit is dominated by a small north-plunging parasitic isoclinal fold which lies on the steeply dipping western limb of the 132 Anticline, immediately north of the Widgiemooltha Dome (Fig.
Several lacustrine levels display disrupted lamination and other kinds of convolute bedding forming recumbent or isoclinal folds along the El Mono gully.
Deformation of the Jeffers Group in the type area involved thrusting and produced recumbent isoclinal folds (Donohoe and Wallace 1985; Pe-Piper and Piper 1989).