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The convergence of the three axes of rotation in radiation therapy; the intersecting point of the axis of rotation of the gantry, the collimator, and the treatment couch.
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(i?so-sent'er) [ iso- + center]
In radiation oncology, the point through which the central beam of the radiation passes. Synonym: radiation isocenter

mechanical isocenter

The point at which optical beams intersect

radiation isocenter

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And it should be also noted that the purpose of the previous method was to enhance MTF at the isocenter, not to make MTF uniform across the FOV.
These dose prescriptions make the isocenter dose vary from study to study and finally influence the model fitting.
Evaluation of Isocenter Reproducibility in Telemedicine of 3D-Radiotherapy Treatment Planning.
Then value of planning isocenter coordinate was altered in some direction to simulate inaccuracy of position of patients in actual treatment.
According to Ofix, the Encompass has been used for intracranial radiotherapy treatments for nearly a year and is now cleared to achieve sub-millimeter immobilisation to precisely treat multiple lesions with a single isocenter.
However, the use of any conductive materials in the vicinity of the scanner's isocenter must be limited because of the potential for induced eddy currents to locally deform the magnetic field homogeneity.
The phantom was positioned through the displacement as indicated by the TPS, between the reference marks made during CT with radiopaque markers and the isocenter coordinates of the simulation.
For future tests, special structures should be designed for every used head coil to position the phantom accurately to the isocenter of the coil.
Total dose was 45-72.5 Gy at the isocenter, administered in 3-10 fractions.
It enabled by positioning the target into the isocenter of the frame the surgeon to reach the target from any angle leading to a higher degree of flexibility for the trajectory [130].
These systems identify the patient reference setup point positions in comparison to their location in the planning CT coordinate system, which aids in computing the treatment couch translation to align the treatment isocenter with plan isocenter.