isobutyl alcohol

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isobutyl alcohol (C4H10O)

Etymology: Gk, isos + butyrin, butter, hyl, matter; AR, alcohol, essence
a clear colorless liquid that is miscible with ethyl alcohol or ether. Also called 2-methyl-1-propanol.
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Delayed harvest date increased ethyl butyrate, isobutyl alcohol, linalool, terpinolene and citronellol, and decreases were noted for hexyl acetate, octanoic acid, hexanoic acid, ethyl caprylate and (3-damascenone in both years.
Among alcohols, isoamyl and phenethyl alcohols were unaffected, isobutyl alcohol decreased, and 1-heptanol was present only in 2012.
Isobutyl alcohol was only detected in 2012 wines with reductions relative to harvest date.
3 Supplies and Price Trends of the Isobutyl Alcohol
Yeast commonly synthesize the following higher alcohols during normal fermentation: isoamyl alcohol (solvent-like odor), active amyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol and 1-propanol, listed in descending concentration.
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