island fever

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tsu·tsu·ga·mu·shi dis·ease

an acute infectious disease, caused by Rickettsia tsutsugamushi and transmitted by the mites Trombicula akamushi and T. deliensis, which occurs in harvesters of hemp in some parts of Southeast Asia including Japan; characterized by fever, painful swelling of the lymphatic glands, a small blackish scab on the genitals, neck, or axilla, and an eruption of large dark red papules.
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While they are away, island fever grips Nuku and the agitated castaways carry out an outrageous raid on crew camp.The Grimleys
This refers to 'Island fever' by Dr Amin Al Araby (GDN, February 15).
We didn't have Island fever, we lived as we lived in the UK.
The brunette star said she headed for Japan as soon as the Hollywood Writers' strike was announced - because she claimed she gets "island fever" if she spends too long on Hawaii.
Must be a PhD doctor that Dr Amin Al Araby ('Island fever...?' GDN, February 15) as it is far too long a diagnosis for a medical man and, moreover, decidedly inexact.
But after a while I'm convinced we all started getting island fever, a bit like in the film The Beach."
A case in point is a certain Mr W.W., who seems to be intent of favouring us with his opinions that are always so condescending and self-righteous and make me wonder how long he has lived on the island and how advanced is the "Island Fever" that appears to have deprived him of all touch with the reality of who he is.