isethionic acid

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i·se·thi·on·ic ac·id

(ī'sĕ-thī-on'ik as'id),
A colorless viscous liquid, miscible with water and alcohols, that forms crystalline salts with organic acids.
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Peak 1 displayed the pattern of isethionic acid (Barrow et al.
Isethionic acid and taurine were the major compounds in peak 1, as determined by [.
Through bioassay-guided fractionation, the cue for metamorphosis was demonstrated to be a noncovalently-bound complex of the sugar floridoside and isethionic acid.
For example, floridoside and isethionic acid are widespread (if not ubiquitous) among red algae, but are also unique to this algal group (Barrow et al.