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Plural of ischium.


See ischium.


Plural of ischium.


(ĭs′kē-ŭm) plural.ischia [Gr. ischion, hip]
The lower, posterior portion of the innominate or hip bone. It is a separate bone at birth; it begins to fuse with the pubis by age 8; and it is fully fused with the pubis and ilium by 16 to 18 years of age.

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Q. What are some of the best remedies for sciatica?

A. have you tried Osteopathy? it's a residency that popped up the past couple of years and uses a whole different approach to those problems. it is practiced by certified medical physicians and surgeons. and they also treat Sciatica. here is the wikipedia entry about the method:

tell me if you tried it!

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People poured into the street while an electric blackout was in the centre of Ischia port," the reports added.
Bela Ischia is well recognised consumer brand with its largest presence in the areas of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.
Chef Pinos cooking is informed by his homeland, Italy, and especially by the volcanic island of Ischia, which lies at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples.
Off the coast of southern Italian city Naples, Ischia has always been somewhat overshadowed by the glitz and glam of sister island Capri, and subsequently remains largely undiscovered by British tourists.
Vanessa was in town for the Ischia Global Film and Music festival, which couldn't have been a better occasion for a cropped top, and a skirt that looked made for dancing.
Often overlooked by the tourist hordes who head for the Gucci-lined streets of nearby Capri, or the thermal spa resorts on neighbouring Ischia, Procida has a charm all of its own, with a wonderful mix of working harbours, antique villages and family-friendly beaches.
Lauro Shipping is one of the largest ferry operators in Italy's Campania region, providing fast connections to the islands of Capri and Ischia.
Holidaymakers looking to combine outstanding value with one of the most premier hotels in the world need look no further than the five star Grand Hotel Punta Molina in Ischia, located on the Gulf of Naples.
Famed for its sea cliffs, the city's steep slopes look out over azure waters and long beaches to Ischia, Capri and the Bay of Naples - take a trip by ferry from Marina Piccola and Marina Grande.
Behind the castle, ferries sail to the nearby islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, as well as to Sardinia and Sicily.
In other words, it "turns on" under your body weight to provide support by rotating your pelvis from three points simultaneously--the ischia, sacrum, and ilium.
According to the media reports, the Italys Ischia Prize Foundation granted Shahzad its International Journalism Award in a unanimous decision by the jury.