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Common Signs and Symptoms Reported by the Patient wit IC Suprapubic Pressure and Pain Irritative Voiding Symptoms * Urinary frequency * Urinary urgency * Painful urination * Urinary frequency at night Pain with Sexual Intercourse
Urinalysis, complete blood tests, urinary system x-rays, and urinary system ultrasound (USG) were obtained from patients with hematuria, irritative voiding symptoms, and infection for differential diagnosis.
Clinical Presentation: Irritative voiding symptoms (Frequency/Urgency/Dysuria) were the most common symptoms.
Irritative voiding symptoms were reported by 12 women (66%) before surgery, and 8 (44%) after surgery.
The patient also should be advised that irritative voiding symptoms are common following catheter removal.
10) Less common symptoms include gross hematuria, (11) gluteal pain, (12) and irritative voiding symptoms, like nocturia.