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The state of not acting in a responsible manner for conscious or unconscious reasons.
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It is a syndrome of irresponsibility, arbitrariness and
He's hidden on the hill at the presidential palace with the union leaders and is deciding on financial policyC* But Cyprus is not alone, it is in the Eurozone and the ratings agencies and markets and the EU and International Monetary Fund will be very strict in light of fiscal irresponsibility," he said.
Trichet said, 'Monetary-policy responsibility cannot substitute for government irresponsibility.
The real crime of federal economic irresponsibility is that we ran federal deficits during the 30-year period prior to Obama's election.
PCS Wales secretary Peter Harris said: "He is, in effect, seeking to make hard-working public sector workers bear the brunt of the crisis caused by the irresponsibility of the banks.
If there was ever an example of irresponsibility, it's the Pope going to a country like Angola, where people are dying left, right and centre because of unprotected sex, and telling them they should carry on or that they should abstain.
He is set to ask: "Where did this age of irresponsibility come from?
It is their irresponsibility which caused this crisis, and action must be taken to stop them profiting from it.
It's not fair for Latin American, African and Asian countries to pay for the irresponsibility of sectors of the American financial system," he said.
It has been an era also of global turbulence and where there has been irresponsibility we must now say clearly that the age of irresponsibility must be ended.
Impetuosity and irresponsibility of the incumbent Georgian leadership was clearly manifested in the recent tragic events in South Ossetia," he said.