irresistible impulse

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ir·re·sist·i·ble im·pulse

a compulsion to act such that one feels or claims it cannot be resisted.
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A preliminary study suggests women driven by an irresistible impulse to pull out their own hair can often resist the strange urge when given an antidepressant drug already shown to ease the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
We believe this product will be an almost irresistible impulse buy for the curious consumer," said Dr.
Genuine kleptomania is an irresistible impulse to steal things not needed for personal use or for their monetary value - that is, stealing for the sake of it.
Unimpressed, Justice Thomas ruled that the "mental abnormality" definition was sufficient and further justified the SVP statute criteria as derived from the traditional legal concept of the insanity defense: a mental abnormality that produces an irresistible impulse.
Channel 5's erotic films, such as Irresistible Impulse and Victim Of Love, have plots about hunky estate agents or builders and lingerie-wearing housewives.
It strikes a bold, optimistic tone, suggesting that the trend towards lay collaboration in ministry in the American Catholic church is an irresistible impulse.
Unlike the British legal system, he said, Ireland operated on 19th century laws which did not recognise vital elements in murder cases including diminished responsibility or irresistible impulse.
1 I feel an irresistible impulse to pursue a person I am attracted to, often accompanied by a strong physical reaction: heart racing; cold sweat; adrenalin rush; feeling dizzy; shallow fast breathing; an ache around the heart.
Characterized by the presence of irresistible impulses to shop that are distressing, time-consuming, and result in adverse social, emotional, occupational, legal, and/or financial consequences, compulsive buying is extremely prevalent.