irresistible impulse

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ir·re·sist·i·ble im·pulse

a compulsion to act such that one feels or claims it cannot be resisted.
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The Irresistible Impulse test expounded on the M'Naghten test
In 1962, the American Law Institute published the Model Penal Code, which combined the strictly cognitive M'Naghten rules and the irresistible impulse test.
Section 3(c) of the LHWCA as applied under the DBA provides that "[n]o compensation shall be payable if the injury was occasioned solely by the intoxication of the employee or by the willful intention of the employee to injure or kill himself or another," (3) To prove an irresistible impulse, the claimant must produce expert opinion that the decedent suffered from a mental disease or impairment that created the impulse leading to the suicide,
In the trial of Laura Fair, the prosecution described her as "an immoral seductress, a money-hungry opportunist, and an exploiter of male weakness." The defense argued that Laura suffered "maniacal spells due to delayed menstruation"; that this "female complaint" led to an "irresistible impulse to kill" (p.
Its decision is an arid, doctrinaire interpretation, driven by the frequently irresistible impulse of judges to tinker with the First Amendment.
In reviewing this question, the Virginia Court of Appeals noted that Virginia recognizes two tests by which a defendant can establish the affirmative defense of insanity: (1) the M'Naghten Rule and (2) the irresistible impulse doctrine.
Which of the various competing tests--the traditional M'Naghten rule, (3) the so-called irresistible impulse standard, (4) the hybrid approach of the Model Penal Code, (5) or the open-ended Durham formula (6)--worked best?
At 26, New Paltz, N.Y., native Dina LaPolt was lead singer for the lipstick lesbian band Irresistible Impulse. The next year, she enrolled in law school and today, 39-year-old LaPolt--the daughter of an artist and a prison administrator--is the most powerful lesbian in entertainment law.
Mitchell's attorneys could not claim self-defense, defense of others (Mitchell's sisters were not actually endangered), nor sudden irresistible impulse (too much time had lapsed between Mitchell's learning about his sister and his shooting of Creffield).
Such research does not tell us anything important about overeating that we didn't already know` As the psychiatrist Sally Satel noted at the AEI conference on obesity in June 2003, "virtually every pleasure we encounter is associated with surges in dopamine," and brain images "cannot distinguish between an irresistible impulse and an impulse that is not resisted." Just as we did not need brain scans to recognize that smokers often have difficulty giving up tobacco--a fact that people have been noting for hundreds of years--we do not need rat studies to show that people find eating pleasurable, often eat more than they initially intend, regret their overeating, and have trouble cutting back to lose weight despite the health risks and social costs of being fat.
Clothes and shoes proved to be the most irresistible impulse buys for women.