irregular pattern

irregular pattern,

n in physical therapy, a classification given to describe symptoms that neither fit into the regular stretch pattern nor regular compression pattern categorizations. Symptoms are typically brought forth by provoking a combination of compressing and stretching movements. See also regular stretch pattern or regular compression pattern.
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As long as this irregular pattern continues, similar accidents will happen again and again, threatening the safety of workers.
However, the success of adopting such a consensus document has followed an irregular pattern up till now.
He informed that another paper suggested that in order to control the irregular pattern of urbanization, the population density should be restricted to 450 people per hectare, while 4000 hectare land within a city and its immediate periphery may be converted into low income housing market.
Hasan said that unprecedented population growth, poor urban planning, lack of professionalism and irregular pattern of urbanization cause many problems in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan which includes poor supply of water, sanitation and waste management issues.
Police would also like to talk to the blonde woman in a pink and orange striped outfit with a black irregular pattern in picture three.
The outer layer is made of raw umbercoloured aluminium plates with an irregular pattern of laser-cut holes.
The dips in the light have come in an irregular pattern, ruling out a simple orbit and hinting at multiple objects.
This can lead to a consistently abnormal heart rhythm or arrhythmia, which can cause the heart to best at the wrong speed, or in an irregular pattern.
Cognitive behavioral therapy also may enable patients to better cope with the irregular pattern of attacks of vertigo, and to reduce anxiety.
To find out exactly, he covered the plate with an irregular pattern of paint speckles and then trained a pair of carefully calibrated, high-definition digital cameras on it.