iron-sulfur protein

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i·ron-sul·fur pro·tein

protein containing one or more iron atoms that are linked to sulfur bridges and/or sulfur of cysteinyl residues; for example, some proteins in the electron transport pathway.
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The Rieske iron-sulfur protein is a nuclear-encoded subunit of the mammalian cytochrome complex III of the mitochondrial respiratory chain (67).
The last enzyme in the porphyrin biosynthetic pathway is ferrochelatase, an iron-sulfur protein (Dailey et al.
One plasmid has bphE (encoding the small subunit of the Iron-sulfur protein); another has bphJ (encoding Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase) and the other has bphJ, bphH, bphK, bphC, and bphB (encoding various catabolic enzymes).
Topics of the ten papers include the biodistribution of metal ions, medicinal inorganic chemistry, the chemical toxicology of metals and metalloids, charge transport in biological molecules, bioorganometallic chemistry, interactions with metal ions, the bioorganic side of nucleic acid chemistry, nuclease and peptidase models, metalloporphyrins and metalloporphyrinoids, model complexes for enzymes containing vanadium, model complexes for enzymes containing molydbenum and tungsten, structural and functional models for oxygen-activated nonheme iron enzymes, model chemistry of iron-sulfur protein active sites and model complexes of enzymes containing nickel.
The second volume in the two-volume set describes the mechanisms by which iron-sulfur clusters are synthesized and targeted to recipient proteins, and the important regulatory functions of iron-sulfur proteins. Topics of the 17 contributions include the iron-sulfur biogenesis process in E.
Involved in the assembly or repair of the [Fe-S] clusters present in iron-sulfur proteins NFU1 Iron-sulfur scaffold protein, which assembles [4Fe-2S] clustrers and delivers them to target proteins PIR Transcriptional coregulator of NF-xB which facilitates binding of NF-xB proteins to target kappa-B genes in a redox-state-dependent manner UQCRFS1 Metal ion binding protein; oxidoreductase.
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Topics include macromolecular modeling with Rosetta, protein interaction networks, structural biology of the tumor suppressor p53, maturation of iron-sulfur proteins in eukaryotes, and cystic fibrosis therapies based on CFTR function.
It has been difficult to determine the phylogeny of the genes that encode Fe-hydrogenase and PFOR, because these iron-sulfur proteins are absent from mitochondria, [alpha]-proteobacteria, and most other eubacteria.