iron pyrites

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i·ron py·ri·'tes

native sulfide of iron.
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QUESTION: By what more common name is iron pyrites better known?
It was closer in the Marsh UK mares' race, with Tabitha Cave conjuring a better last-fence jump from Blazing Miracle and gaining a head verdict over Iron Pyrites.
Looking for iron pyrites will get in the way of actually finding gold, and iron pyrites are valued only because it is believed they am gold.
Commodity Units 1989 1990 Asbestos t 187,066 160,861 Chromite t 627,424 643,098 Coal t 4,679,994 4,978,160 Cobalt oxide t 112 127 Copper t 15,659 14,080 Gold kg 16,003 16,900 Graphite t 18,147 16,383 Iron ore t 1,142,995 1,258,582 Iron Pyrites t 47,561 66,571 Lithium Minerals t 20,647 18,751 Nickel t 11,633 11,426 Silver kg 22,305 21,221 Tin Metal t 848 838
Iron ores and concentrates including roasted iron pyrites; maize; meat of bovine animals; artificial Corundum, aluminium oxide and aluminium hydroxide; cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose in solid form; meat and edible offal of both fresh and frozen poultry; and motor cars and other passenger transport vehicles are among the most exported Brazilian items to Arab countries in 2018.