ferric oxide

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fer·ric ox·ide

(fer'ik oks'īd),
A compound used as a coloring material.
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The Central-European SentiMag study: sentinel lymph node biopsy with superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) vs radioisotope.
Pedofeatures are limited to weakly impregnated iron oxide nodules with gradual boundaries, and to iron oxide hypocoatings.
Caption: Artist John Sabraw uses the iron oxide to make paint.
Ten years ago, we developed the first truly sustainable method of producing yellow iron oxide (based on 60-years of chemically testing on the iron source, we believe the source will continue to produce iron for the next couple centuries).
Chemicals: Iron sulfate solution and iron oxide (3.3, 10, and 33 mg/kg) were obtained from Merck Company and were prepared based on previous studies.
There are sixteen iron oxides, oxide hydroxides, and hydroxides known in the environment to date.
From the results, it was observed that maximum absorption peakwas found at 235 nm for zinc oxide nanoparticles and 220 nm for iron oxide nanoparticles, respectively.
The result was a new material that combines a phenomenon in lutetium oxide called "planar rumpling" with the magnetic properties of iron oxide to achieve multiferroic properties at room temperature.
Terence Yu said, 'This move signifies the next phase of our global growth and development strategy, while demonstrating leadership in the market in terms of both technology solutions and environmental responsibility and sustainability." This phase 2 expansion will add 20,000 MT per annum (mtpa) of high-performance iron oxide pigments to the 65,000 MT site's current capacity using our leading technology while meeting the highest environmental standards.
The VivoTrax cell tracking kit uses Meito Sangyo's Ferucarbotran product, a well-established precursor iron oxide material with translational uses in the clinic.