iron hematoxylin

i·ron he·ma·tox·y·lin

unique ferric lakes of hematein that produce deep blue-black stains; useful for studies of cytologic detail, such as chromosomes, spindle fibers, Golgi apparatus, myofibrils, and mitochrondria; also useful to demonstrate Entamoeba histolytica.
See also: Heidenhain iron hematoxylin stain, Weigert iron hematoxylin stain.
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Paraffin blocks were sectioned to 5-pnt and slides were stained with iron hematoxylin. For most oysters, only one section/animal was taken, but some were serially sectioned to consecutive slides.
No in situ hybridization was, however, performed because the paraffin blocks were not recovered, and because of the poor differentiation offered by the light iron hematoxylin stain the presence of H.
These are actively motile and can be stained with Heidenhains iron Hematoxylin and Wheatleys stains.
Note: E histolytica--Doing the routine iron hematoxylin or trichrome stain may confuse things because the pathogen E histolytica looks just like the commensal Entamoeba dispar, whereas the antigen-detection method selects out for E histolytica (so they say).
Sections were stained with Giemsa, iron hematoxylin, or with an anti-coagulogen antibody, to identify amebocytes.
Mostofi and Price (1) mentioned the value of Mallory iron hematoxylin or a reticulin stain in highlighting necrotic seminoma cells, but they did not discuss the trichrome stain.