Relating to the iris and the cornea.
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The introduction of first posterior- chamber intraocular lens (PC-IOL) by Harold Ridley in 1949, implantation of first anterior chamber iridocorneal anglefixed intra ocular lens by Baron in 1952, the introduction of ultrasonic emulsification of lens with the irrigation/aspiration (I/A) technique and the invention of a foldable intraocular lens in the 1980s leading to microincision cataract surgery (MICS), revolutionized cataract surgery and reduced post-surgical complications8.
ICE syndrome Irrigating IOL--endothelial touch PPMD solutions toxicity Toxic anterior Pseudoexfoliation Excessive use segment syndrome Hard cataract of phaco power Raised intraocular Chronic uveitis Intracameral pressure Chronic angle-closure drugs toxicity Chronic inflammation glaucoma DMD Brown McLean Trauma to corneal IOL-related syndrome endothelium factors Wound leak/shallow chamber/hypotony CHED: Congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy, FECD: Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy, ICE: Iridocorneal endothelial, PPMD: Posterior polymorphous endothelial dystrophy, IOL: Intraocular lens
(10) In the second and third cases, which developed synechiae, an argument might be made that obstruction of aqueous flow could occur at both the pupil and iridocorneal angle, which might later lead to glaucoma.
Iridocorneal angle in birds is well developed, and it can be observed that the trabecular meshwork extends through the iris stroma (BAYON et al., 2007; RODARTE-ALMEIDA et al., 2013).
It may be best for patient to check if there are shallower anterior chambers or narrow iridocorneal angles before using this type of antidepressant.
For patients who were not cooperative enough for gonioscopy, the iridocorneal angle was visualized by Scheimpflug imaging system (Pentacam, Oculus, Lynwood, WA).
The hyporeflective space located posteriorly to the iridocorneal angle suggests inaccurate laser ablation.
They disclosed bilateral ciliochoroidal effusion with anterior rotation ofthe ciliary body and iridocorneal angle narrowing (Figures 1-3).
Correct measurement of anterior segment parameters such as central corneal thickness (CCT), iridocorneal angle (ICA), anterior chamber volume (ACV), and limbus-limbus distance (LLD) is crucial in some of anterior segment surgeries (refractive surgeries) and clinical follow-up of many anterior segment-related diseases (i.e., congenital or acquired corneal diseases and glaucoma follow-up).
The talk also reviewed recent works on early diagnosis of cancerous growth in colon, and ocular imaging targeting iridocorneal angle and emphasized the significance and evolution of nanoparticles for contrast enhancements in thrust multi-modality imaging platforms.