1. Irigenin 7-glucoside from orris root, Iris florentina.
2. A resinoid from blue flag, Iris versicolor; used as a cholagogue and cathartic. Synonym(s): irisin
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Nine peaks were identified as myricetin (1), rutin (2), myricetin-3'-rhamnoside (3), toxicarolisoflavone (4), 3,3 ,4 ,5,7-pentahydroxy-6-(4-hydroxybenzyl)-flavanone (5), iridin (6), quercetin (7), cyanidin-3-(6'-malonylglucoside) (8), and kaempferol (9), respectively.
The flavonoids of blueberry leaf (FBL) extract were identified by UPLC/Q-Tof-MS, mainly containing myricetin (1), rutin (2), myricetin-3'-rhamnoside (3), toxicarolisoflavone (4), 3,3',4',5,7-pentahydroxy-6-(4hydroxybenzyl)-flavanone (5), iridin (6), quercetin (7), cyanidin-3-(6 -malonylglucoside) (8), and kaempferol (9).
Previous phytochemical works have identified many isoflavones and isoflavone aglycones from this plant, such as tectoridin, tectorigenin, iridin and irigenin (Yamaki et al.
Five components have been identified, which are 2"-O-rhamnosyl swertisin (peak 1), swertisin (peak 2), tectoridin (peak 3), iristectoriginin A (peak 4) and iridin (peak 5).