5-acetamido-2,4,6-triiodo-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)isophthalamic acid; an ionic, monomeric, water-soluble radiographic contrast medium for urography and angiography.
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At equal iodine concentrations (300mgI/mL), the HOCM ioxithalamate showed stronger cytotoxic effects than did other contrast media.
However, no aspiration or ingestion of intranasally administered ioxithalamate meglumine was found in canaries and ring-necked parakeets.
The most commonly used contrast media in our hospital are two nonionic contrast media, Omnipaque (iohexol; 350 g/L iodine; Nycomed) and Visipaque (iodixanol; 320 g/L iodine; Nycomed), and to a much lesser extent, two ionic contrast media, Telebrix[R] (sodium meglumine ioxithalamate; 350 g/L iodine; Guerbet) and Urografin[R] (sodium meglumine diatrizoate; 146 g/L iodine; Schering).