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5,5'-[malonylbis(methylimino)]bis[N, N'-bis[2,3-dihydroxy-1-(hydroxymethyl)propyl]-2,4,6-triiodoisophthalamide]; a dimeric, nonionic, water-soluble, low osmolar radiographic contrast medium, used for myelography and other nonvascular applications.
Synonym(s): iotrol
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De ese trabajo de revision, se reportaron 6 casos de meningitis aseptica clinicamente evidentes despues del uso de iohexol (n = 3), iopamidol (n = 2) o iotrolan (n = 1) como medios de contraste para la realizacion de la mielografia [4-6,8-11].
Aseptic meningitis complicating iotrolan myelography.
Encephalopathy and rhabdomyolysis induced by iotrolan during epiduroscopy.
By creating nonionic dimeric compounds (iodixanol, iotrolan, and iosimenol), iso-osmolar CM (IOCM) were developed [32, 33].
In fact, early micropuncture studies in rats found that the IOCM, iotrolan, increased tubular pressure much more and decreased single nephron GFR much more as compared to the HOCM and LOCM studied [53, 54].
injection of the HOCM, iothalamate, with the IOCM, iotrolan, and found that outer medullary hypoperfusion was pronounced by iotrolan versus iothalamate [82].
Urine viscosity after injections of iotrolan or iomeprol," Acta Radiologica, vol.
Micropuncture studies in rats found that the IOCM, iotrolan, increased tubular pressure and decreased single nephron GFR much more than HOCM and LOCM did [97, 103].
Type Ionicity Generic name Iodine content (mg/mL) HOCM Ionic monomer Diatrizoate 300-370 HOCM Ionic monomer Metrizoate 280-370 HOCM Ionic monomer Iothalamate 141-480 LOCM Ionic dimer Ioxaglate 280-320 LOCM Nonionic monomer Iohexol 140-350 LOCM Nonionic monomer Iopamidol 150-370 LOCM Nonionic monomer Iopromide 150-400 LOCM Nonionic monomer Iopentol 150-350 LOCM Nonionic monomer Iomeprol 150-400 IOCM Nonionic dimer Iodixanol 270-320 IOCM Nonionic dimer Iotrolan 240-300 Type Osmolality Viscosity at Viscosity at 20-25[degrees] 37[degrees]C C (mPa x S) (mPa x S) HOCM 1500-2000 3.