a nonionic, low-osmolality radiopaque medium used for cardiovascular imaging, excretory urology, and contrast enhancement in computed tomography.
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N,N'-bis(2,3-dihydroxy propyl)-2,4-6-triiodo-5-(2-methoxyacetamido)-N-methyl isophthalamide; a monomeric, nonionic, water-soluble, low osmolar radiographic contrast medium for intravenous urography or angiography.
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A monomeric, nonionic, water-soluble, low osmolar radiographic contrast medium for intravenous urography or angiography.
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Ultravist[R] (iopromide, Bayer) 1-2 mL/kg was given intravenously before scanning.
Iopromide (Ultravist-370) was used as contrast agent.
Encephalopathy has been documented after administration of iopromide, (9,10) iohexol, (11) ioxilan, (4) and metrizamide.
This DCB adopts a patented coating technology called PACCOCATH, wherein the paclitaxel and iopromide mixed matrix is evenly coated on the distal balloon of the traditional PTCA catheter so that the bioavailability of paclitaxel is greatly improved, the contact area of the drug and the arterial wall is increased, the attraction between the drug molecules is weakened, and the cell proliferation and vascular intimal hyperplasia are effectively suppressed.
All scans were performed on Somatom Definition DSCT scanner from Siemens using same scan protocols and nonionic iodinated contrast agent Iopromide (Ultravist-370 7 by Bayer schering pharma).
The authors also show that only caffeine and iopromide present concentrations higher than 100 ng/L in the site of the future raw water withdrawal.
For contrast-enhanced CT, a dose of 1.5 ml/kg iopromide (Ultravist300, Schering, Berlin, Germany) was administrated at a rate of 3-4 ml/s.
Claussen, "Prevalence of acute reactions to iopromide: postmarketing surveillance study of 74,717 patients," Acta Radiologica, vol.
discuss contrast-induced encephalopathy, seizures, cortical blindness, and focal neurological deficits in their retrospective analysis of 9 patients with contrast-induced neurotoxicity after administration of Iopromide, a nonionic low osmolar contrast agentfor coronary angiography [3].
Caption: Figure 5: Retrograde cystography image (bladder X-ray) after instillation of iopromide solution (Ultravist[R]), revealing bladder integrity with no leakage.
For patients undergoing p-PCI, iopromide (Ultravist[R]) was used as the nonionic iso-osmolar contrast agent.
Currently, several iodinated contrast agent formulations are used clinically, including iohexol (Omnipaque[TM], GE Healthcare), iopromide (Ultravist[TM], Bayer Healthcare), ioxaglate (Hexabrix[TM], Mallinckrodt Imaging), iobitridol (Xenetix[TM], Guerbet), and iomeprol (Imcron[TM], Bracco).