N,N'-bis(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)-5-[N-(2-hydroxy-3-methoxypropyl) acetamido]-2,4,6-triiodoisophthalamide; a nonionic, monomeric, low osmolar radiographic contrast medium for intravenous urography or angiography.
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Type Ionicity Generic name Iodine content (mg/mL) HOCM Ionic monomer Diatrizoate 300-370 HOCM Ionic monomer Metrizoate 280-370 HOCM Ionic monomer Iothalamate 141-480 LOCM Ionic dimer Ioxaglate 280-320 LOCM Nonionic monomer Iohexol 140-350 LOCM Nonionic monomer Iopamidol 150-370 LOCM Nonionic monomer Iopromide 150-400 LOCM Nonionic monomer Iopentol 150-350 LOCM Nonionic monomer Iomeprol 150-400 IOCM Nonionic dimer Iodixanol 270-320 IOCM Nonionic dimer Iotrolan 240-300 Type Osmolality Viscosity at Viscosity at 20-25[degrees] 37[degrees]C C (mPa x S) (mPa x S) HOCM 1500-2000 3.
The contrast media was a solution of polyethylene glycol (PEG 200, Scharer and Schlapfer AG, Rothrist, Switzerland) and iopentol (Imagopaque 300, GE Healthcare, Basel, Switzerland) in a mixture ratio of 10:1 (mean radiodensity, 600 Hounsfield units [HU]).