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One of two cyclic terpene ketones with an odor of violets or cedar wood, the α and β varieties of which differ in the location of the double bond in the ring: provitamins A and vitamin A have ionone configuration in the ring portion; α-carotene contains one α- and one β-ionone moieties, β-carotene contains two β-ionone moieties, and γ-carotene contains one β-ionone moiety.


One of two cyclic terpene ketones with an odor of violets or cedar wood.
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The ionONE Model S and Model SA are immediately available for order from your local Simco-Ion product distributor.
Germination is also enhanced when the teliospores are exposed to some naturally occurring organic compounds, such as benzonitnle and beta ionone.
Keloid Care is carefully formulated with Silicone, Vitamin E, Hydrocortisone, and Beta Ionone - a powerful anti-oxidant proven to nourish the skin and help improve the appearance of thick, stubborn or hard to treat scars.
EPA's treatment of the ionone derivatives category, substances which naturally occur in plants containing [beta]-carotene.
The investigators found ethyl butanoate, ethyl hexanoate, linalool, 2-heptanone, ionone, 2-heptanol, hexanal, cis-3-hexenol, trans-2-hexenol and furaneol to be the major aroma compounds in Black Diamond.