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ionomer (īon´əmər),

n a polymer containing ion. In dentistry, ionomers are a mixture of glass and an organic acid. They are clear but vary in the amount of translucency. For this reason, their aesthetic potential does not match that of composite resins. However, ionomers are not likely to shrink or be subject to the microleakage seen in composite resins because the bonding mechanism of ionomers is an acid-base reaction rather than a polymerization reaction.
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Nasdaq:SHLM) has developed an offering of thermoplastic ionomer resins based on ethylene acid copolymer, tradenamed Clarix(R).
This investment is likely to support increasing demand for DuPont speciality resins like ionomer resins, ethylene acid copolymer resins, ethylene copolymer resins, ethylene acrylic elastomers and EVA copolymers.
GCA's product offerings include impression materials, glass ionomer cements, glass ionomer restorative materials, composite restorative materials, tooth whitening products, reline materials and preventive materials (MI Paste and MI Paste Plus) with GCC having over $1 Billion in sales worldwide.
Detailed coverage of such product categories as drug-eluting stents (DES), drug-eluting beads (DEB), antimicrobial catheters, antibiotic-loaded bone cements, glass ionomer cements, bone graft substitutes, antibacterial-releasing dental restorative materials, biologic wound care products such as collagen-based dressings as therapeutic agents for wound healing, drug-device combination products for ocular applications, and photodynamic therapy.
Intracoronal sealing comparison of mineral trioxide aggregate and glass ionomer.
Glass ionomer cements (GICs) are the most popular dental cements due to their adhesive nature and fluoride releasing property [1].
Key statement: A golf ball including a unitary core having a volume, an outer surface, a geometric center and an outermost transition volume adjacent to the outer surface, the core being formed from a substantially homogenous composition; and a cover layer including ionomer, metallocene-catalyzed polymer, polyester, polyamide, non-ionomeric thermoplastic elastomer, copolyether-ester, copolyether-amide, polycarbonate, polybutadiene, polyisoprene or polystyrene block copolymer.
For ossicular reconstruction, we used tragal cartilage between the incus and the stapes in 1 patient; in the other 3 patients, glass ionomer bone cement was used (an interposition cartilage graft also was used in the patients who received the glass ionomer bone cement).
Surlyn ionomer resins provide low-temperature impact properties in nylon 6 and nylon 66.