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To separate into ions; to dissociate atoms or molecules into electrically charged atoms or radicals.


To separate into ions; to dissociate atoms or molecules into electrically charged atoms or radicals.
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The reading of cylindrical ionisation chamber N30001 (PTW Freiburg, Germany) was corrected to standard environment conditions of temperature and pressure for which ion chamber calibration factors were applied.17
Copper-silver ionisation is a disinfection process, primarily used to control Legionella, the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires' disease (legionellosis).
The new Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry based test for hbA1c and genetic hemoglobin variants is intended for use on the MALDI Biotyper platform is likely to provide specificity, accuracy, speed of analysis and cost per analysis.
As a solution they developed the ionisation technology as a safe alternative."
The three main sub-systems in the mass spectrometer device are: the ion source in which the ionisation of the organic molecules takes place; the mass analyser which separates the ions according to their mass/charge (m/z) values; and the detector where relative intensities (abundance) of the separated ions are determined.
Products imported from Asia, notably Chinese-style noodles and dehydrated noodles, make up the category of foods most commonly illegally subjected to ionisation. In 2003, food supplements came under the spotlight, with 16% of products tested found to have been illegally irradiated.
Rechargeable battery means this ionisation alarm works for 60 days with no supply.
In practice this means [L.sub.3] ionisation cross sections were tabulated from sulfur, and [M.sub.5] cross sections from strontium.
Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) has a requirement to establish a contract for the supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of a High Resolution Mass Spectrometer (HRMS) with Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation (MALDI) and Electrospray Ionisation (ESI) Sources at the MDC site at Alderley Park in Cheshire.
Mark Engelenburg, CEO of The Netherlands-based company ATECA, spoke about how copper-silver ionisation is the best technique in preventing Legionella outbreak and other bacteria.
8,269,181) for its original semiconductor detector used in high precision measuring of coordinates and detection of ionisation particles, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Tenders are invited for the supply, installation and commissioning of an ultra high performance liquid chromatography assembly with automatic high-resolution mass-spectrometric mass spectrometry and precise weight determination in a desktop arrangement (hereinafter referred to as "LC-MS") supplemented by a laser desorption ionisation source and ionization with the matrix at subatmospheric pressure (hereinafter referred to as & quot; MALDI & quot;).