ion-exchange resin

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ion-ex·change chro·ma·tog·ra·phy

(ī'on-eks-chānj' krō'mă-tog'ră-fē)
Chemical investigation in which cations or anions in the mobile phase are separated by electrostatic interactions with the stationary phase.
See also: anion exchange, cation exchange

cat·i·on ex·change

(kat'ī-on eks-chānj')
The process by which a cation in a liquid phase exchanges with another cation present as the counter-ion of a negatively charged solid polymer (cation exchanger). Cation exchange may be used chromatographically, to separate cations, and medicinally, to remove a cation.
See also: anion exchange

an·i·on ex·change

(an'ī-on eks-chānj')
The process by which an anion in a mobile (liquid) phase exchanges with another anion previously bound to a solid, positively charged phase, the latter being an anion exchanger. Anion exchange may also be used chromatographically, to separate anions, and medicinally, to remove an anion (e.g., Cl-) from gastric contents or bile acids in the intestine.
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ion-exchange resin

An ionizable synthetic substance, which may be acid or basic, used accordingly to remove either acid or basic ions from solutions. Anion-exchange resins are used to absorb acid in the stomach, and cation-exchange resins are used to remove basic (alkaline) ions from solutions.
See also: resin
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Spectrum of ion-exchange resin saturated with uranyl ion shows a sharp reduction of intensity of fluctuations in phosphorus-oxygen connection.
There were studied sorption and complexing characteristics of received ion-exchange resins among metals: copper, nickel, cobalt, and uranyl-ion, depending on pH-environment, the ionic form of ion-exchange resin, concentration of the investigated cation-exchange resins.
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PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF SYNTHESIZED IONITES Parameters Unit of Phosphate cation- measure exchange resin Dampness % 15-20 Specific volume of bulked up ml/g 3.2-3.4 ion-exchange resin Static exchange capacitance mg-ecv/g on 0.1 N solutions of: caustic soda 3.8-7.5 muriatic acid - sodium chloride 0.8 Chemical stability.
We were the first received and investigated new phosphate cation-exchange resins, nitrogen-phosphorus containing ion-exchange resins using chemical transformation of benzyl bromide-furfural polymers (Tursunov and Nazirova, 1985b; 1985c).
But Shapley says the catalyst could be used to remove the perchlorate from the brine left over after the regeneration of used ion-exchange resins. Along with testing the catalyst on the brine, "we are certainly going to be looking at how to deal with the [acid] problem" to move toward direct water purification with the catalyst, says Shapley.--A.C.