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Tenders are invited for Supply of ion transfer tube for electrospray lonization source with 400 microns inner diameter and 125 mm long with o-ring seal.
The instrument's StepWave ion-transfer technology, an off-axis design, increases the efficiency of ion transfer from the ion source to the quadrupole MS analyzer while actively eliminating undesirable neutral contaminants.
2 kV spray voltage, 300 [degrees]C vaporizer temperature, 350 [degrees]C ion transfer tube temperature, 65 au sheath gas pressure, 15 au auxiliary gas pressure and an Argon filled collision gas pressure of 1.
The company has redesigned the ion transfer section to provide 50% to 300% greater sensitivity than other quadrupole analyzers.
The current efficiency for copper ion transfer through the membrane, [[PHI].
In related news, Cognis has appointed Simon Frauchiger to the position of European sales manager for its Ion Transfer Technology division.
Drift occurs because of ion transfer from sheath to wire or wire to wire, or impurities in the mineral insulation of a thermocouple that cause it to change composition over time, according to Daniel Barberree, director of technology of AccuTru.
The esquire3000 plus, developed in collaboration with Agilent Technology, features a new ion transfer mechanism for higher ion flux and significantly increased sensitivity.
Electrolyte is the medium, such as water, moist soil, or concrete, that surrounds the two metals and permits ion transfer and current flow.
The topics covered include salmonid smolting; role of peptide hormones in fish osmoregulation; environmental perturbation of oxygen transport in teleost fishes; acid-base regulation in response to changes in the environment; environmental effects on fish gill structure and function; effects of water pH on gas and ion transfer across fish gills; branchial mechanisms of acclimation to metals in freshwater fish.
In such a case the ions can be focused into the QMS using Ion Transfer Optics, a lens assembly which fits onto the front of the SXP Elite series.