iodoform gauze

io·do·form gauze

(ī-ō'dō-fōrm gawz)
Sterile strips of gauze impregnated with iodoform; used to pack abscesses, acting as a wick to promote drainage.
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Thus following the bleeding in the operation area taken under control by cauterization it seems to be a more accurate approach to suture the related region only to approximate the wound edges and to close the wound with an iodoform gauze in order to allow secondary healing.
The kit contains bandages, cotton, lint, Aromatic Spirits of Ammonia, Iodoform gauze, baking soda and mustard.
The wound was thoroughly irrigated with normal saline and packed with iodoform gauze. B henselae titers were obtained, and the patient was discharged home after a 23-hour stay.
Some readers may find the extensive chart of the prices and weight of iodoform gauze bought in five-meter strips in Austria in 1907 more instructive than others.
Yet Adolf seemed enormously grateful even for these short periods of release." (3) During these last months, Bloch apparently applied iodoform gauzes to the mastectomy scars, either as a post-operative dressing (4) or an early attempt at chemotherapy.