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To treat or impregnate with iodine.
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To treat or impregnate with iodine.
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To administer or impregnate with iodine, most commonly as a fortification of salt.
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This report provides in depth study of "Iodized Salt Market" using SWOT analysis i.e.
We did not mention our experience with how salt was iodized by producers without a set formula, but by just spraying the surface of a mound without mixing it.
To compare the prevalence of iodized salt usage and consumption of iodine rich foods in patients with papillary carcinoma, follicular neoplasm and nodular colloid goitre.
De la Pena recalled that one of the identified targets during the industry forum conducted in Pangasinan last 2015 was the production of iodized salt, thus, the I-Salt Project for Infanta was approved to boost the product quality and productivity of local salt producers in Pangasinan.
Meanwhile social activists demanded of the district administration to take notice of the problem in rural areas and direct all salt factories and suppliers to provide iodized salt to people living in hilly areas.
"Iodized salt has been one of the greatest and most economical public health successes and it continues to help raise healthy, smart children," said Lori Roman, President of the Salt Institute, which hosted the 2018 World Salt Symposium.
For bread, a control and test runs with iodized salt and potassium iodide (source of iodine) were manufactured in the normal way in baking hall of National Institute of Food Science and Technology.
The opening of the plant comes as a culmination of more than 12 years of efforts to promote the iodized salt industry and its impact on the health and economic benefits of Sudan, the Federal Ministry of Health said .
A previous publication on iodine status in the western region of Ghana reported that, of the salts sold in the market, only 58% were iodized, with an estimated iodine content of 20 ppm being far below the mandated requirement [13].
Iodized salt is both a preventive and corrective measure for iodine deficiency and is the most effective, of low cost and long-term solution to a major public health problem [2].
He called upon them to advise people to use iodized salts and take simple diet.