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To treat or impregnate with iodine.


Etymology: Gk, ioeides + izein, to cause
to treat or impregnate with iodine or an iodide. Table salt is iodized to prevent the occurrence of goiter in areas with insufficient iodine in the drinking water or food. Iodized oil, a viscous liquid with the odor of garlic, has been used as a contrast medium in radiology.


To treat or impregnate with iodine.


To administer or impregnate with iodine, most commonly as a fortification of salt.
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We started to make people aware about the benefits of iodised salt.
An official in CCO said, " It was unfortunate that iodised salt which can prevent serious health issues among children is not easily available and salt processors are not bound by law to ensure that salt is iodised"
8% of households in Zimbabwe were consuming iodised salt.
Consider using iodised salt in place of noniodised salt.
As per the World Health Organization ( WHO) standards, 100 per cent population should get a stipulated amount of iodine ( 15ppm) naturally through food or substitutes such as iodised salt.
The UK, similar to other developed nations such as the USA, and, until recently, Australia and New Zealand, has never mandated iodisation of salt or other foods - less than 5% of salt sold in the UK is iodised.
Samples of urine from 1,140 primary schoolchildren and salt consumed in homes were collected to measure the concentration level of iodine in urine and adequacy of iodised salt.
Residents should only consume iodised salt without increasing the salt intake as well as eat more seafood to overcome iodine deficiency," said Dr Hussein.
And to make it even more delicious, the scientists have added a teaspoon of dark soya sauce - red wine can be used as an alternative - to the ingredients of meat juices, flour, iodised salt, pepper and vegetable water.
Cut out iodised salt too,and make your own spot-bustingfacepack using grated cucumber,pureed cooked carrot and oatmeal cooked in water.
Under the scheme, as many as nine commodities -- one kg each of red gram, palmolein oil, wholemeal flour, wheat and iodised salt, besides 500 grams each of sugar and tamarind, 250 grams of chilli powder and 100 grams of turmeric powder -- would be supplied in a single packet at ` 185 through fair price shops.