iodine test

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i·o·dine test

a test for detecting the presence of starch based on its reaction with iodine.
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A radioactive iodine test was performed and results confirmed Graves' disease.
Adulteration in paneer, khoya and sweets can be tried out by performing iodine test on them.
After hydrolysis, the presence of carbohydrates in the hydrolyzed samples was investigated by different biochemical tests including Molisch Test, Iodine Test, Benedict's Test, Tollen Test, Barfoed's Test, Fehling's solution Test, Osazone Test, Seliwanoff's Test and Bial's Test.
Minor's starch iodine test or the older quinizarin test can be useful to guide botulinum toxin A therapy, said Dr.
The traditional spot iodine test is a useful tool that can be used to estimate whether iodine intake is adequate.
A starch iodine test was done to define areas of hyperhidrosis.
A 24 hour iodine test will significantly reduce the variability of iodine test results often observed with other urinary iodine tests.
The iodine test can also be used to determine the best time for picking apples.
They added the urinary iodine test results revealed a bigger figure of about 36.
Urinary iodine test results revealed a bigger figure of about 36% of mothers and 23% of pre-school children suffering from severe iodine deficiency in the country, they added.
They agree that the initial iodine test should be the Iodine Spot and Loading Test, not just the loading test.
In my 40 years of practicing medicine, 1 never ordered an iodine test and never heard of any physician who did.