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In reply to a query, she agreed that any misconception about iodination of salt may be deliberately created by a section who are also registered to be against vaccination of kids.
Defective thyroglobulin synthesis in an experimental rat thyroid tumor: iodination and thyroid hormone synthesis in isolated tumor thyroglobulin.
General procedures for iodination of hydroxy aromatic aldehydes, hydroxy acetophenones, substituted anilines and phenols in ethanol, acetic acid and 2-methoxyethanol:
Zhang and coworkers spliced genes that enhance iodine uptake and iodination of proteins--the iodine pump (sodium-iodide symporter) and thyroperoxidase genes--into human lung cancer cells.
Finally, the iodination technology is straightforward and can be adapted to many local conditions, at a low cost.
2] production and thyroglobulin iodination, while phosphorilation of protein kinase A increases iodide uptake, thyroid peroxidase, and thyroglobulin synthesis.
Ultrastructural localization of the iodination center in the endostyle of the adult amphioxus (Branchiostoma lanceolatum).
Use only bottled water or water that has been disinfected by filtration, boiling, chlorination, or iodination for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, and brushes teeth.
Lithium reduces thyroxine synthesis by interfering with iodination of tyrosine.
Iodination of toxins for competition and dissociation assays was carried out as described (Lee et al.
The pendrin protein, which mediates iodide transport across the thyroidal apical membrane into the follicular lumen, where it is used in the iodination of thyroglobulin, is one such possible target (MA DEP 2006; Scinicariello et al.
Dorner JW and Cole RJ Rapid determination of aflatoxins in raw peanuts by liquid chromatography with postcolumn iodination and modified minicolumn cleanup.