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1. Relating to, or caused by, iodine or an iodide.
2. Denoting a compound of iodine in its pentavalent state.
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Mixture of different aromatic compounds (50 mmol), iodine (20 mmol) dissolved in 5 mL of 2-methoxyethanol and iodic acid (10 mmol) dissolved in water (1 mL) was added with shaking and refluxed for 3-8 minutes (tables 1-4).
The resultant schematics are then colored with oils, here, primarily, an iodic brown and a denimlike indigo.
It was suggested 100 years ago that iodism may be due to small amounts of bromine contaminant in the iodine preparations and trace amount of iodate and iodic acid in the iodide solutions.
Viciunai will be launching a chilled formed product in France under the Iodic label, he added: "We will be the first one to launch a real (not thawed from frozen) chilled formed product in France.
Under the IODIC brand, it offers a complete range of frozen and chilled surimi products including IQF crab sticks, crab chunks and crab noodles in vacuum packs.