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A salt of iodic acid.
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The measurement of iodide in a spot urine sample is a rough estimate of inorganic iodate, iodine, and iodide intake.
"The toxicology of iodate: A review of the literature." Thyroid, 2001; 11:449-456.
Potassium nitrate 102,345 111,207 Ammonium perrhenate 8.7 5.8 Boric acid 11,785 23,449 Moly trioxide 795 1,078 NaN[O.sub.3] (purified) 24,446 -- Perrhenic acid 2.2 1.3 K & Cd iodides 68.0 71.0 K & Ca iodates 83.0 100.0 Selenium 43.0 37.0 TABLE III.
(4,9) At the time of Pittman's publication, iodophobic misinformation from the Wolff-Chaikoff domino effect was so widespread that bread makers were already looking for an alternative to iodates as dough conditioners.
The element iodine exists in nature under several forms: inorganic sodium and potassium salts of iodates (IO3-) and iodides (I-); inorganic diatomic iodine (I2); and organic monatomic iodine (C-I).
In order to assess the presence of iodine and iodate (the oxidized forms) in serum following orthoiodosupplementation, serum iodide levels (the reduced form) were measured by ion-selective electrode before and after reduction with sodium metabisulfate.