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The key to safer and more effective treatments for humans may lie in a new breed of mice carrying a gene that makes them invulnerable to cancer.
Belt-tightening at talent agencies would probably result, and no department would be invulnerable.
One common conception is that teens smoke, use drugs, get into cars with drunk drivers, and have unprotected sex because they haven't considered the risks -- or because they underestimate them and feel invulnerable.
In light of such challenges, the NAEC draws on the notion that the best defense against such alliances lies in making ourselves invulnerable to the political pressure of these energy-producing states.
When it comes to foreign competition, blow molders feel relatively invulnerable in their biggest market--bottles.
The syndrome of the psychologically invulnerable child.
What is really holy is on the one hand so invulnerable that we cannot reach it, and on the other so tender to our wounds that we would not touch it.
Back on Planet Earth, he's invulnerable as long as his party continues to control both houses of the Congress.
We hate to see the giants go--the great athletes with all the scary records that appear so invulnerable.
Invulnerable to hacking, the system eradicates all changes and resets the workstation to its original state.
The plates might have made a stegosaur appear large and invulnerable, but that argument doesn't go very far because several stegosaur species had only small spikes or plates along their backs.
1 to ensure that e-mail content is invulnerable to unauthorised access during transmission.