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Etymology: L, vulnus, wound
being in a dangerous position or condition and thereby susceptible to being infected or injured.


(vŭl′nĕr-ă-bl) [L. vulnerare, to wound]
Easily injured or wounded.

Patient discussion about vulnerable

Q. Can Alcoholism makes you vulnerable to intestine infections? A friend of mine is a heavy drinker, he had something like 5 infections in the past year. Is it connected?

A. yes

Q. Does people eating peeled bananas can become vulnerable to fight, like barbarians. last month my dad was bitten by monkeys and as he explained the situation that these monkeys ran to eat the bananas he was having, which actually he brought to feed those monkeys. He saw that all of them ate the peeled out bananas and the couple of them ate the skin of banana, so my dad started giving them the skin of banana and the peeled bananas to the rest all, he don’t know, what rage happened among the monkeys soon that they started jumping on my dad and one of them bit him and the nearby guards helped my dad to rescue…..after the incident I was wondering does it make any difference between those monkeys for the love of peeled bananas – as my dad remembers that those 2 monkeys started the incidence…. Seems joking but yes…. I too want to know does the similar thing in human can make any difference….I mean does people eating peeled bananas can become vulnerable to fight, like barbarians….any chemical, nutritional, difference evident...Anyone….plz

A. But you asked a good question about the link of any chemical difference...yes … there are differences …..And is found with extra vitamins and other nutrients. According to a research done in India it is being shown that banana skin is good for heart ailments and the banana is found to make teeth whiter when daily rubbed. So I guess that this actually causes therapeutic effect in monkeys which the researchers have proved. The skin of all the fruits is proved to have vitamins and other nutritional contents in them.

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References in classic literature ?
If these plates are adopted in the Royal Navy our warships will be invulnerable, and therefore invincible.
Could the ape-man have known the purpose of this act, that it was intended to render the recipient invulnerable to the attacks of his enemies and fearless in the face of any danger, he would doubtless have leaped into the village street and appropriated the zebra's tail and a portion of the contents of the caldron.
Yea, something invulnerable, unburiable is with me, something that would rend rocks asunder: it is called MY WILL.
Its course will it go upon my feet, mine old Will; hard of heart is its nature and invulnerable.
Wealth was an inferior object, but what glory would attend the discovery if I could banish disease from the human frame and render man invulnerable to any but a violent death
As to nerves, Mr Merdle is of a cool temperament, and not a sensitive man: is about as invulnerable, I should say, as Achilles.
It is a floating structure that adapts to the tidal changes and varying water levels, making it invulnerable to flooding and storm surges.
The language barrier: How Islamists outshine Arab secularists Today, the new and graver danger is of young Arab minds being seduced by hyper-articulate jihadists, to whose rhetorical charms even this British kafir is not entirely invulnerable.
The Syrians pointed out that the presidential elections in Syria will draw the true image of the future of the modern and invulnerable Syria.
PD-L1 is a protein expressed by many tumor types that can render the cancer invulnerable to immune attack.
Chelsea has made a living out of their compact and sometimes invulnerable defense that conceded only 24 goals in the Premiership, thus far - the lowest in the League, but an insufficient production in front of goal might mean the difference between coming out on top and ending a spectacular yet trophyless season as far as England's top-flight is concerned.
HM the King commended the BDF staff keenness to carry out their national duties and combat readiness that reinforces their role in carrying out national duty, stressed that BDF will remain the invulnerable shield that defends Bahrain's safety and protects cultural and developmental gains made by its loyal citizens, wishing them success.