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(vŭl′nĕr-ă-bl) [L. vulnerare, to wound]
Easily injured or wounded.
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Q. Can Alcoholism makes you vulnerable to intestine infections? A friend of mine is a heavy drinker, he had something like 5 infections in the past year. Is it connected?

A. yes

Q. Does people eating peeled bananas can become vulnerable to fight, like barbarians. last month my dad was bitten by monkeys and as he explained the situation that these monkeys ran to eat the bananas he was having, which actually he brought to feed those monkeys. He saw that all of them ate the peeled out bananas and the couple of them ate the skin of banana, so my dad started giving them the skin of banana and the peeled bananas to the rest all, he don’t know, what rage happened among the monkeys soon that they started jumping on my dad and one of them bit him and the nearby guards helped my dad to rescue…..after the incident I was wondering does it make any difference between those monkeys for the love of peeled bananas – as my dad remembers that those 2 monkeys started the incidence…. Seems joking but yes…. I too want to know does the similar thing in human can make any difference….I mean does people eating peeled bananas can become vulnerable to fight, like barbarians….any chemical, nutritional, difference evident...Anyone….plz

A. But you asked a good question about the link of any chemical difference...yes … there are differences …..And is found with extra vitamins and other nutrients. According to a research done in India it is being shown that banana skin is good for heart ailments and the banana is found to make teeth whiter when daily rubbed. So I guess that this actually causes therapeutic effect in monkeys which the researchers have proved. The skin of all the fruits is proved to have vitamins and other nutritional contents in them.

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The show, which proved a ratings smash on its debut in America in 2006, has not looked quite so heroically invulnerable this time out.
This documentary sets out to reveal how the truth was far from the invulnerable image he portrayed.
CG animation has appeared all but invulnerable over the past few years, with hit after hit.
It was a classic bandit narrative in the tradition of Robin Hood and Jesse James, with an invulnerable hero who defies unjust laws (in this case, speed limits and alcohol regulations), battles an oppressive sheriff (in this case, Jackie Gleason), and can move almost invisibly among the common folk who admire his heroic deeds (in this case, other drivers).
The air in a modern farm building contains many bacteria that are invulnerable to several antibiotics, according to a new report.
``Emma was irreverent,infuriating and outrageous,but she gave the impression she was invincible and there was something invulnerable about her,''Knight told the Hollywood Reporter.
Xiao Yen not only journeys across the kingdom with foreigners, saves a goddess, conquers two dragons, and kills the supposedly invulnerable, evil Vakhtang, but also receives a peach from Old Zhang to give to her aunt.
The mission went awry when guerrillas loyal to Aidid's clan succeeded in shooting down two supposedly invulnerable Black Hawk helicopter gunships.
Advertisements lead us to believe that by making the right choices we can become invulnerable. In fact, the truth is rather different.