bifurcation involvement

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bi·fur·ca·tion in·volve·ment

(bīfŭr-kāshŭn in-volvmĕnt)
Colloq. for dental caries or periodontal disease extending into the area where the roots of a two-rooted tooth separate or divide; most common on mandibular molars.
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Obesity is preventable and increasing consumer involvement in nutrition can help achieve this.
Though it seems that gastrointestinal involvement is not seen in patients of morphea; however, there are a very few studies which have revealed esophageal involvement in morphea regardless of the type of morphea.
The six major types of involvement in Epstein's work include: parenting (i.e., helping parents with parenting skills), learning at home (i.e., facilitating learning at home), communicating with school (i.e., developing an effective school-home communication), volunteering (i.e., creating ways for involving families in school-based activities), decision-making (i.e., families' participation in decision making), and collaborating with community i.e., serving community (Epstein, 1995; Topor, Keane, Shelton, and Calkins, 2010).
Central nervous system (CNS) involvement is a critical prognostic factor for hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.
Habib Ur Rehman, son of Khoba Gul, was sentenced to death for his involvement in attacking the armed forces personnel which resulted in the deaths of Lieutenant Colonel Anwar Abbas along with three soldiers and injuries to 15 others.
Here are some statements about citizen involvement taken from the 27- minute presentation to the board that I believe act as roadblocks to achieving citizen involvement in Lane County:
This should not result in restrictions in resident surgical involvement, but rather act as impetus to develop novel methods of surgical training, adopt surgical simulation, and perhaps increase funding to select teaching sites with a high-density of learners.
The study variables comprised level of male partner involvement, couple Knowledge and perceptions and their influence on male partner involvement in choice of delivery site.
Parent involvement theories such as Epstein's have, however, been critiqued as privileging middle-class values, parenting styles and ways of being, and thus as representing a restricted view that fails to account for diversity in parent involvement practices (Avvisati et al., 2010; Borgonovi & Montt, 2012; Emerson et al., 2012; Gertler, Patrinos & Rubio-Codina, 2007).
For primary extranodal lymphoma patients had to present with their main disease manifestation in an extranodal site have no more than regional lymph node involvement with no peripheral lymph node involvement and no liver or spleen involvement.
(1991): "The-member get-member program is good," "The member-getmember program is favorable for me," and "The member-get-member program is desirable for me." Product involvement was measured with four items ([alpha]) adopted from Lee, Park, and Han (2008): "How much effort did you put into evaluating the product?", "How involved were you in this product?", "To what extent were you trying hard to evaluate the product?", and "How much effort did you put into evaluating the given information?".