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n the state of becoming involved.
involvement, bifurcation
n the extension of pocket formation into the interradicular area of multirooted teeth in periodontitis.
involvement, pulp,
n a condition wherein consideration of the vitality or health of the dental pulp is a factor.
involvement, trifurcation,
n See involvement, bifurcation.

Patient discussion about involvement

Q. What is involved in Gall Bladder surgery?

A. If you refer to removal of the gal bladder due to stones, then it may be performed either in an open approach (using an arch-like incision in your right upper abdomen) or in a laparoscopic approach (using only three small incisions to insert devices into your abdomen). The operation itself is not long and not associated with significant problems after it.

Q. Are there genetic factors involving allergies? My entire family suffers from different allergies. It is clear that there is a connection, is that true?

A. The risk of allergic sensitization and the development of allergies varies with age, with young children most at risk. It is known that there is a strong genetic relation and allergies are usually common among family members. Ethnicity may play a role in some allergies, however racial factors have been difficult to separate from environmental influences and changes due to migration.

Q. What are the risk factors involved? How come alcohol abuse may start to become alcoholism and what are the risk factors involved?

A. MOST people do not plan to become alcoholics,it happens because your body(system)become adjusted to the (drug)alcohol,and the person becomes dependent on it to feel good,plus the things edmund said----mrfoot56

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While a multi-systemic approach has shown to produce positive outcomes for some students (Henggeler, Schoenwald, Borduin, Rowland, & Cunningham, 1998), the most important system to involve in consultation is the family, more specifically, the parents.
Active and PNF stretching, however, which involve progressive muscle contraction and specific patterns of movement against external loading over the full range of movement, seem to offer the most effective means of improving the full range of functional performance in sport (running) and exercise.
Justifications for this rule involve encouraging risk taking, avoiding judicial meddling, and encouraging directors to serve.
Education is the second staple topic, with a rich comparative literature that does not usually involve direct consideration of globalization.
The Karapandzic technique involves the creation of circumoral incisions involving the nasolabial and mental creases (figure 2).
TEI will always consider requests from members to become involved in their cases, but there is no requirement that a case involve a member.
Sometimes considered part of work practice controls, administrative controls involve changing how or when employees do their jobs.
Both "positive" and "negative" assertiveness at times involve careful goal setting, but there is a major difference in the nature of the goal setting process.
The narrowing may involve a small or large area of the spine.
In general, in light of the congressional requirement that the proceedings be open unless "contrary to the public interest," those circumstances should involve serious safety and soundness concerns flowing from a public hearing.