involution of the uterus

in·vo·lu·tion of the u·ter·us

the process of reduction of the uterus to its normal nonpregnant size and state following childbirth.
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Thus, EB becomes a determinant condition for the resumption of ovulation and involution of the uterus. EB have been estimate by the plasma concentration of blood metabolites such as NEFA, [beta]HBA and glucose and even by the body condition score.
During the postpartum period, the involution of the uterus, with the resumption of ovulation, become essential to achieve intervals between ideal deliveries, so the earlier matrix starts the postpartum uterine cyclicity and involution, the greater will be the fertility achieved during the breeding period (7).
Postpartum involution of the uterus was evaluated at 15 and 30th d ultrasonographically.
Most of the authors [1-5], except for one who represents the newest studies [9], show no correlation between the involution of the uterus and parity.
Dudenhausen, "Doppler ultrasound of uterine artery and involution of the uterus during the normal post-partum period," Gynakologischgeburtshilfliche Rundschau, vol.
A cesarean scar "niche" occurs with involution of the uterus causing the suture line to bunch up.
Normally these infections are cured naturally by rapid involution of the uterus, discharge of the uterine contents and mobilization of the host defense including mucus, antibodies and phagocytes.