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involute (in´vəloot),

v to decrease normally, in size and functional activity, an organ whose role in the body economy is temporary or confined to certain periods of life. Involute should be distinguished from
atrophy, which means to waste away from abnormal causes.
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For involute profile, the radius of the involute r is a very important parameter.
As [lambda] = 1, the whole segment of cam profile is involute without joint point, but r is very big.
Both reference systems have as y respectively y' axis the radius that goes through the tip of the tooth, the only common point of the two involutes profiles.
An investigation on analysis of involutes spur gears with asymmetric teeth: Dynamic load and Transmission errors, Proceedings of the 2th International Conference "Power Transmissions 2006", pp.
In the same time, the line d roll up with the angular speed cod without sliding on the base cylinder, so that the generating element M describes a curled involute C, tangent in the exterior of a circle (cylinder) with the radius [R.
The third form of the C curve is a normal involute (figure 4,a), at which the director cylinder is confounded with the base cylinder ([R.
By using involutes, the plastic version gains the advantage of what Kleiss called "high tolerance relief," noting that "the center distance doesn't affect conjugate action.
Similar internal and external involute gears could be made in metal, Kleiss said.
An Investigation on Analysis of Involutes Spur Gears with Asymmetric Teeth: Dynamic Load and Transmission Errors, The 2nd International Conference "Power Transmissions 2006" Proceedings, pp.
In the calculus program first are determined the parameters of the involutes profiles and second the gear rack parameters which determine the joint profiles from the base of the direct and inverted involutes profiles of the tooth.
The tooth form has left-right symmetry in the involute cylindrical gear, and the same performance can be obtained at forward and backward rotation.