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involute (in´vəloot),

v to decrease normally, in size and functional activity, an organ whose role in the body economy is temporary or confined to certain periods of life. Involute should be distinguished from
atrophy, which means to waste away from abnormal causes.
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Since the curve [alpha]* is involute of [alpha], <T, T*> = 0.
The duct generally involutes by the 5th to 10th week of gestation, leaving only a proximal remnant at the foramen cecum, and a distal portion that differentiates into the pyramidal lobe of the thyroid gland.
Experimental and simulation results approved that low frequency vibration displacement values are the main parameters that describe technical condition of involute teeth meshing quality.
In the same time, the line d roll up with the angular speed cod without sliding on the base cylinder, so that the generating element M describes a curled involute C, tangent in the exterior of a circle (cylinder) with the radius [R.
These views are elaborated in chapter 5 "Shakespearean Involutes," where Burwick shows that De Quincey's psychological criticism is preeminently autobiographical.
Visteon's scroll compressor design is based on the principle of circle involutes or scrolls, which revolve around each other in a "rolling" motion.
In one of several digressions within this account, De Quincey reminds us of an "important truth--that far more of our deepest thoughts and feelings pass to us through perplexed combinations of concrete objects, pass to us as involutes (if I may coin that word) as compound experiences incapable of being disentangled, than ever reach us directly, and in their own abstract shapes.
If no pregnancy develops during the normal menstrual cycle, the corpus luteum involutes becoming the corpus albicans.
In the case of the complex surfaces, (Sandu & Strajescu, 2007), (Strajescu & Sandu, 2006), (Sandu & Strajescu 2006), the curves G and D have a complex geometrical form, namely different than the circle or the right line (epicycloids, hypocycloid, involutes, circular helix etc.
One of the methods to add supplementary advantages to those already known of the involutes gears, by improving the load capacity and efficiency (Kapelevich, 2008) and reducing the transmission error and vibrations (Karpat et al.
This permit to determine the geometrical parameters of any special gears without the constraints imposed by the standard classical generation of the involutes teeth profiles, considering as the first step of design the geometry of the gears and only as second step the geometry of the tool (Kapelevich, 2008).