involuntary patient

in·vol·un·tar·y pa·tient

(in-vol'ŭn-tar-ē pā'shĕnt)
In psychiatry, a patient confined to a facility without the patient's consent.
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Mr Speed referred the judge to a psychiatric report which says Robertson-Green has been detained as an involuntary patient in a psychiatric unit, with an indefinite restriction on his release.
This bill amended the Mental Health Act to provide the Consent and Capacity Board with new order-making powers when confirming an involuntary patient's certificate of continuation.
Dalio has been admitted to the hospital four times, twice as an involuntary patient. "I know that in a manic state, no one is going to convince you to go into a hospital," he said.
The procedure, designed to resemble a medical treatment--albeit one with an involuntary patient and a very low probability of recovery--had begun to look uncomfortably like the cold-blooded killing of a helpless person.
In particular, subsection 31(1) provides that treatment, which is authorized by the director of the mental-health facility and administered to an involuntarily committed patient or to an NCR or unfit accused person detained under the Criminal Code, is "deemed to be given with the consent of the patient." (98) Essentially, this means that an involuntary patient has no right to refuse antipsychotic medication.
House Bill 475 clarifies a portion of the commitment criteria found in Virginia Code [section] 37.2-817.D pertaining to mandatory outpatient treatment ("MOT") in lieu of inpatient hospitalization and streamlines the findings the treating physician must make under [section] 37.2-817.C2 when discharging an involuntary patient to "step-down" MOT.
In these jurisdictions, consent to a CTO is handled in the same way as consent to the treatment of an involuntary patient.
(36) The physician in this case appealed the psychiatric review board's decision to rescinda certificate of involuntary admission, but he abandoned the appeal before it was heard and proceeded to have the patient recommitted as an involuntary patient. (37)
Throughout my nursing career, I had only considered terminating a patient's privilege at a dialysis clinic if there was violence or a threat for same, never having been put in a situation requiring involuntary patient discharge.
The decision to enforce hospitalization by making her an involuntary patient is an easy one.
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