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, pl.


(in'vō-lū'krŭm, -loo'kră),
1. An enveloping membrane, for example, a sheath or sac.
2. The sheath of new bone that forms around a sequestrum.
Synonym(s): involucre
[L. a wrapper, fr. in-volvo, to roll up]
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, involucrum (ĭn′vō-lū″kĕr) (ĭn″vō-lū′krŭm) [″ + volvere, to wrap]
1. A sheath or covering.
2. The covering of newly formed bone enveloping the sequestrum in infection of the bone.
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  1. a calyx-like structure formed by bracts below the base of a condensed INFLORESCENCE.
  2. a growth of the tissue of the thallus in liverworts (see HEPATICA that covers and protects the ARCHEGONIUM.
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To accurately assess the overall quality of these potential habitats for spine flowers, it is necessary to multiply our measures of spineflower survivorship and average reproduction of surviving plants (mean involucre number produced per surviving plant) to provide a minimum estimate of per capita seed production per seedling [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED].