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n a prayer requesting and inviting the presence of God.
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The company has chosen Invoke Software to automate its CMR submission process on behalf of the syndicates it manages, and this decision is already delivering significant quantifiable benefits.
There are a number of key success factors (such as high-performance taxonomy-driven validation and a visualisation feature for displaying XBRL data in a business-user-oriented collaborative environment), that will make the difference between a high-quality submission made to the PRA on-time and one that fails to get through the regulator's data-collection gateway,” comments Anne Leslie-Bini, Director at Invoke Software.
Invoke Capital in particular, provides a degree of expertise in data security in cloud and in scalability that will strengthen our genetic sequencing data banking offering immediately," said Jurgi Camblong, CEO of Sophia Genetics.
MICHIGAN - A Syrian couple opening a Detroit area restaurant called "The Bomb" said they want to invoke the slang term for "awesome" rather than terrorism.
The two Invoke SPX full rim models have a sporty look.
26:25), yet Jacob is never reported to invoke the name of the Lord.
LaBouf is not the first Baptist to invoke such proscriptions against the ministry of women, certainly.
Local governments often invoke eminent domain to evict homeowners so as to make land available to a developer of luxury condos.
Would public school teachers who are Muslim be as free to invoke the name of Allah in front of their students as public school teachers who are Christian would be to invoke the name of Jesus in front of their students?
Although the author does not deal explicitly with the question of American welfare exceptionalism, or invoke comparative analysis, her account of the way the courts intervened in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to shape the emergence of American social policy provides helpful insights into this question.
Parliament can invoke the notwithstanding clause of the Constitution to declare in a simple statutory enactment that the traditional definition of marriage shall remain in effect in Canada, despite any supposed conflict that the courts might perceive with the equality rights of homosexuals.
Essentially this clause is saying: Our agencies made us too much money this year, so instead of giving the agencies their full contingency bonuses we are going to invoke the stability clause to cut their contingencies.