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n a prayer requesting and inviting the presence of God.
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Overall then, the simplest deployment of Christ in the Tercer abecedario is, as we have seen, for purely rhetorical effect: the name of Christ is used to add an extra testimonial to an already self-sufficient argument, to add the impact of the name in a statement having nothing to do with Christ, or simply in conventional invocatory form.
Susan Mooney's psychoanalytically oriented "Echo, the Invocatory Drive, and the 'Aurteur' in 'Sirens'" emphasizes sound generally rather than music in particular; her "aurteur" is a coinage intended to describe the episode's narrative presence, "the creative (often unconscious) organizer or mediator of acoustic fragments" (p.
Yet however much "thy grooms shall work ferociously upon their looming brides" (4), there remains a gap between the poet and the world he would bring into being, a space that the invocatory utterance is meant to fill.
In two volumes, it comprises a description and analysis of an invocatory chant, which accompanies an Iban ritual of the highest significance, and a record in Iban and English translation of the text.
A desolate text set in a 'major' mode (like Byrd's Civitas sancti tui, for instance), it possesses in this performance a cumulative, almost cathartic breadth and intensity of utterance that seems to derive both from Le Jeune's textures and from the ensemble's response to the varied combinations of words and polyphony -- so that the 'madrigalian' vividness of the repetitions of 'pugnare non cessat' ('does not cease from assailing me') is contrasted with the plangent resignation and invocatory passion of other parts of the text.
It was through the whole group of working chapel musicians that the compositional design was realized and 'activated', and through this activation that the effectual - affective power of sounding music was harnessed to the cycle of invocatory prayer.
Puzzled by the meaning of this curious ritualism (which often appeared in the invocatory section of these texts), I suspected that the word might be a deliberate corruption of i:gadi ("all of it").
The "Deans" of the African American literary/cultural enterprise are here -- all two of them -- as male "stars" privileged in the invocatory position: Stuart Hall opens, ably followed by Cornel West.
Nandini commenced with a vibrant Oothukaadu Venkata Subbayar composition Ananda Narthana Ganapathim, an invocatory piece in praise of the dancing Lord Ganesha and continued with Shiva Panchaksharam Stotra where Shiva is described as the embodiment of five elements.
According to Levi-Provencal ("Le titre souverain," 276), 'Abd Allah's letter "conforms entirely to the manner of the chancellery scribes: exaggerated use of invocatory formulae, consistent use of indirect style, affected writing, abuse of cliches characteristic of mi/.
The instances of invocatory speech that I consider here drew my attention partly because of the intensity of their poetic imagery, which I argue is part of their illocutionary force.
Masing, James Jemut 1997 The Coming of the Gods, An Iban Invocatory Chant (Timang Gawai Amat) of the Baleh River Region Sarawak.