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n a prayer requesting and inviting the presence of God.
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Of the four invocations that had no Christian content, all were made by rabbis.
Every meeting from 1999 to 2007 had been opened with a Christian-oriented invocation.
Once this information is established in subsection A, subsections B and C address the Court's recent holdings regarding waivers and invocations, respectively.
Java's Remote Method Invocation (JRMI) mechanism [1] is an example of Standardized communications protocol that provides a limited set of optimizations.
Rex Parris and the City Council responded by putting the issue on the ballot in the form of Measure I, seeking voters' approval for the city to continue selecting local clergy to deliver invocations.
Unlike the waiver, the methods and burdens of proving an invocation of the right to counsel under the Fifth and Sixth Amendments vary greatly.
Warning: Invocations of Black Speak may be made at your own risk.
commissioners to allow representatives of all faiths and none to offer invocations at its meetings.
A none justice could steer the discussion toward a better standard of content that limits invocations to statements of values.
We encourage the City Council to continue to solemnize its proceedings with invocations delivered by members of League City's religious community," said Jeff Mateer, Liberty Institute General Counsel.
An archive of meeting agendas and minutes posted on the city's Web site shows that 24 of the 27 invocations given in the past year were given by representatives of Christian groups - including a dozen prayers led by Parris or a Planning Commission member.