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n a prayer requesting and inviting the presence of God.
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We have no strictly magical texts extant from archaic Greece, but we have them in abundance from other times and places, and in these the dual invocational structure is common.
Concerning your recent article about states and municipalities wrangling over the contents of invocational prayers ("Texas Lawmakers Wrangle Over Content Of Legislative Prayers," People & Events, March Church & State), I should like to offer the following comments.
Two invocational prayers were offered to kick off the event, gospel choirs entertained attendees and some break-out sessions were halted when participants claimed to be receiving words from God.
Dobson failed to mention that delegates to the Constitutional Convention met without invocational prayers and ignored a proposal to open their sessions with morning prayers.
23 that the council's practice of using invocational prayers that refer to Jesus Christ violates the First Amendment to the U.