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n a prayer requesting and inviting the presence of God.
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The shares were acquired by Yes Bank on February 16, following invocation of pledge on these shares.
For people who want prayer, we're watering [the invocation policy] down to where it's not prayer.
The failure of these previous soft interventions, according to MEC Dube, necessitated the PEC to convene on 07 October 2015 and resolved to go for the invocation of Section 139 (1) (b) of the Constitution an intervention they believe will aid the ailing municipality.
In March 2015, all colleges and universities in the city "reversed" the procedure, that is, sang the National Anthem first and Invocation later, reportedly, upon orders of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).
The town argued persons of any faith were welcome to give the invocation.
Under our rules, if the Senate does not agree with the invocation, she can be cited in contempt.
13) A valid invocation is an affirmative and unambiguous statement of the desire to use the right (14) and differs from an "exercise" in one important respect-namely, an "invocation" requires that police end the interrogation.
More specifically, in Berghuis, the Court refines the meaning and scope of an invocation and waiver of the Miranda right to silence.
Mario Paniagua, Phoenix City Clerk, in a letter to Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, wrote: "Your invocation was greatly appreciated and we hope we may call upon you again in the future.
Secure RMI uses standard technologies: Java Remote Method Invocation, Java Authentication and Authorization Service, Kerberos, Generic Security Service.
Last summer, the American Civil Liberties Union wrote to Lancaster officials calling their invocation policy unconstitutional and threatening legal action.
Computer science reconsidered; the invocation model of process expression.