invisible profession

'invisible' profession

 Nursing, see there.
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For many years, we have been subjected to unfortunate terms such as "the invisible profession.
At the public hearings of the inquiry, on a regular occasion, the committee and other witnesses referred to the profession as an invisible profession.
For years, an element within our ranks has complained that we are the invisible profession.
Second, an important message is here about how, at the end of the day, society depends on our quiet and all-too-often invisible profession and it's about time that others realized that
The workers felt that their deeds went unrecognized, and decided that they needed to have some publicity, because they thought that they had become "the invisible profession.
First, I'd like to continue with past president Rob Blake's efforts at marketing "the invisible profession.
With an environmental health marketing committee comprised of equally enthusiastic Professionals--Brian Collins, Charles Otto, Dave Pluymers, Pete Thornton, Alicia Enriquez, and Mike Herring--we set out to strategize how NEHA and its members could take steps to make our invisible profession materialize.
Earlier that day, I'd given an update on the activities of the CDC Environmental Health Services Branch and then made my Invisible Profession presentation.
There have been a number of responses to my earlier columns on the invisible profession and the many symptoms of invisibility.
NEHA now has going a special president-appointed task force that is delving into the issue of marketing our invisible profession.
My main campaign platform was the idea of environmental health being an invisible profession and the need for better marketing of our services.
Before I give you their answers to my questions, let me first remind everyone that for years, we've been convincing ourselves that we are "the invisible profession.