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Wei, "Recurrent neural network for computing outer inverse," Neural Computation, vol.
Mukesh Agarwal, CEO of IISL, said, "The listing of Nifty 50 based leverage and inverse products in Hong Kong will ensure that investors in Hong Kong and China can participate in the India growth story.
Some ETFs are both leveraged and inverse. Thus, they move in the opposite direction of the benchmark and those moves are magnified two or three times.
where X is called DMP inverse, denoted by X = [A.sup.D,[dagger]], and it is unique.
In the study of associative rings and semigroups, Drazin in the fundamental work [9] showed a different type of generalized inverse that does not possess the reflexivity feature while commuting with the entry/element.
In Section 2 the basis idea of the NIM is simply described, and in Section 3 determination of unknown coefficient in inverse heat conduction problem has been verified using the NIM.
Therefore, the solution for the inverse problem is given by
Now, we seek inverse problem of the reconstruction of the problem (1.1), (1.2) by Weyl function M ([lambda]) and spectral data {[[lambda].sub.n], [[lambda].sub.n]}, (n [member of] Z).
Table 4 shows the Delta loop (L=2) which represent the second inverse compared to the original distortion coefficients.
According to the SEC, Morgan Stanley "did not adequately implement its policies and procedures to ensure that clients understood the risks involved with purchasing inverse ETFs."
New York City-based private investment manager Direxion has added two inverse ETFs to its lineup, the company said.