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An enzyme acting on 2,1-β-d-fructoside links in inulin, releasing d-fructose.
Synonym(s): inulase
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Likewise, inulinase enzyme producing thermophilic bacteria have great industrial interest because this enzyme is used to hydrolyse inulin for production of fuel ethanol (45).
The investigated strains were able to produce thermostable amylase, cellulase, protease, inulinase, asparaginase and lipase enzymes.
It can be observed that the best production of inulinase was obtained at lower concentrations of agave syrup (runs 2 and 7), while the increase of the concentration resulted in negative effects, with a significant reduction of enzyme production, independent of the nitrogen source concentrations.
The production of inulinase is described to suffer from catabolic repression at high substrate concentrations, and therefore, the highest production of this enzyme is usually observed at the end of the growth phase (Parekh & Margaritis, 1985; Jing, Zhengyu, & Augustine, 2003; Cazetta, Monti, & Contiero, 2010; Singh & Lotey, 2010).
Isolation and characterisation of bacterial strains with inulinase activity.
gram negative gram positive Amylase 11.52 50.11 Protease 4.52 36.37 Lipase 50.5 35.2 DNase 18.19 69.56 Inulinase 31.91 63.65 Pcctinasc 21.19 38.64 Pullulana 9.62 20.4 Xylanase 4.1 11.7 Cellulase 9.1 9.8 Chitinase 4.53 30.12 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Inulinase have been isolated from microorganisms including bacteria.
The human body lacks the enzyme inulinase needed to digest them, so these polymers remain inert in the digestive system.
cerevisiae JZ1C inulinases function efficiently at the temperature range between 40 and 50[degrees]C 47].
Molecular modeling and docking of microbial inulinases towards perceptive enzyme-substrate interactions.