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1. To put inside or into; insert or inject.
2. To bring in and establish in a new place or environment.
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BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-August 23, 2019--Australian regulator sues NAB for 'introducer' scheme
However, the regulator noted it had found no evidence to suggest JLTSL permitted or intended to permit any illicit payment or inducement to any overseas introducer in the period.
use of nominees, non-resident clients, use of introducers without direct access to beneficial ownership information) was seen as a potential vulnerability.
BLME Leasing, which has a combined direct and introducer route to market, is positioned to increase its UK market share.
The 2 and 3 French size Galt Microslide introducers and small accessories are able to provide clinicians with the ability to introduce vascular access devices into smaller vessels.
Several studies have shown that the incidence of tissue coring may be reduced by the use of small gauge, pencil point needles with a stylet via an introducer (1,2,9).
World Wide Association for Introducing Islam (WWAII) will launch on the beginning of the Blessed Month of Ramadan the first ever Makkah center for the Rehabilitation of Islam introducers (promoters).
She said: 'My role will be to develop and co-ordinate our approach to the many different intermediaries such as finance houses, lawyers, acquisition finance houses as well as introducers within Lloyds TSB Group.'
In a tertiary care academic medical center, the routine use of one-piece catheter introducers for central venous access was detered by tradition on one acute care surgery unit.
In its key findings, Monveyval describes the Cypriot banks` reliance on customer introducers as a vulnerability.